Benefits of
Healthcare Solutions

Single source for workers' compensation and auto solutions
Interface with one company
Deeper savings through prospective management
Market-leading technology
Seamless customer service
Reduced administrative time and costs

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Welcome to Healthcare Solutions.

Healthcare Solutions, an Optum Company, provides workers' compensation and auto insurance carriers, third party administrators (TPAs), managed care organizations (MCOs), government agencies and self-insured employers with outcome-focused, customer-driven solutions. Utilizing market-leading technology, Healthcare Solutions is redefining the management of claims related expenses. We deliver demonstrated benefits and savings complemented by deep industry expertise.

When you choose Healthcare Solutions, you get a company with a commitment to service excellence and innovation. You get a trusted partner who is committed to tailoring solutions to support your company's goals. And, most importantly, you get seamless control over the entire continuum of care for injured workers and policyholders.

One partner. One point of contact. True integration.

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