Healthcare Solutions believes in using best-of-breed solutions for everyday business problems. That's why we've partnered with companies that can help us solve business problems. Our current partners include: 

  • Dell Computers
  • CISCO Hardware
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Ingenix
  • DataMedia Inc.

Client Applications

Sequoia™ - Pharmacy and Ancillary Healthcare Services
Through a very simple and easy to use interface, Sequoia™ - our proprietary software for managing pharmacy and ancillary healthcare services - provides users varying degrees of data access dependant on their specific security level.  The application empowers clients with 24-hour access to real-time patient- and claim-related information which they can modify.  This saves significant time and allows our clients to more efficiently participate in the management of their program. Click here to log-on

QRIS™ - Case Management Services 
Specifically designed to serve the workers' compensation and auto markets, QRIS is a comprehensive case management application utilized by telephonic and field case managers for tracking case notes, documentation, as well as patient and provider information.  Medical and disability guidelines are embedded in the system, along with state-specific guidelines, to assist case managers in adhering to all regulations and standard practices.  With over 70 management reports, outcomes tracking and reporting is easy.  The proprietary software is available to clients through a secure online portal and the system can be electronically integrated to clients' claims systems through EDI capabilities.  The case management tracking tool is seamlessly linked with our bill review system and includes provider lookup functionality for locating an in-network hospital or physician.  This application makes the management of cases easy for nurse case managers and for our clients. Click here to log-on

CARE™ - Client Analysis and Reporting Engine
CARE is an enterprise reporting and management tool that produces critical business, trend and clinical reports with a few simple clicks of a mouse. The online reporting application empowers users with real-time data and summary reports, enabling decision-makers to quickly monitor and manage their program. CARE assists claim professionals in identifying care management and program improvement opportunities that are most critical to the overall success of the program. Click here to log-on

Sonar – Bill Review Services
Sonar is a user-friendly web interface that allows users to search, browse and manage bills during the processing stages of the bill review cycle.  The application allows adjusters to view complete bill history for a claim in an easy to read layout and provides detailed explanations of codes.  The complete history of each claim includes the amounts paid to provider and the ability to add, read, edit and print notes.  Provider lookup features assist claims representatives in directing care or soft channeling claimants into network providers.  This allows Healthcare Solutions to ease administrative burden while maximizing savings. Click here to log-on

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